Leadership Development

How leaders manage the business and people impacts every organizational outcome you are trying to accomplish. And, of course, we can’t expect employees to demonstrate excellent work habits and interpersonal skills if the leaders aren’t modeling those behaviors.

Furthermore, when leaders aren’t serving as role models in both performance and behavior, cynicism about the culture and distrust of management spreads like wildfire throughout the organization.  Being a great leader – no matter what your position in your business – is a lot of pressure, to be sure.

There are about as many ways of thinking about leadership as there are leaders. We leverage many different leadership models and strategies that address the broad spectrum of essential attributes and needs leaders need to cultivate to be successful. We pull from that tool kit to customize training and coaching programs that fit your organization…or you as an individual.


Our primary roles related to leadership development include:

  • Identifying leadership styles and addressing the impact of that style – both positive and negative – on the organization and others. A key here is recognizing stress triggers and blind spots that get in the way of results and good relationships.
  • Developing core leadership competencies such as strategic planning, decision-making, leading change, communication, emotional intelligence, coaching and mentoring, risk-taking, etc.
  • Understanding the impact leaders and managers want to have and how they can take the lead in developing their own career.
  • Helping leaders identify high potentials and diverse team members for mentoring opportunities and advancement preparation.
  • Taking charge of your personal sense of well-being – physically, mentally, emotionally, and in other ways. This includes managing stress effectively, maintaining balance, and other topics.

We can address these development needs with team trainings, individual or group coaching, retreat facilitation, and process consulting.  See our Executive Coaching and Training sections for more.

Our “Leaders (Model) First” Approach

How organizations roll out training and development can be tricky. Some organizations believe training is primarily for the “employee –level” team members and fail to recognize the ongoing needs of leaders and managers.  Others feel that focusing on leadership training ahead of employees sends a message of preferential treatment of the higher-ups. We feel leadership development is absolutely essential as a first step (or parallel step) in any training and development program. Not because leaders and managers are more important, but because they must serve as role models for employees.  Training and development…and then consistently practicing what they preach…helps leaders and managers do that.  If you send your team through a conflict management training, knowing you have a difficult time controlling your temper…well, you can imagine how engaged your team is likely to be! Leadership is about taking personal responsibility not just for your own style and performance, but for that of your people and entire organization.  So remember: it’s not about “leaders first”, it’s about “leaders model first.”

Client Testimonials

“Contracting with Lisa Gruenloh changed how I viewed my career and its future. She helped me identify and work through complicated issues to get clarity to help me make positive changes in my life. “She was professional without telling me what to do, but helped guide and direct to allow me to get the answers I desperately needed. Because of Lisa’s tutelage and assistance I was able to start my own firm. Her greatest assist was to give me many tools that I can continue to use to help me achieve my goals.”
Vicki TracyFormerly Executive Director, The Arlington of NaplesVicki Tracy Consulting, LLC

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