Thoughtful employee training and development is critical to driving employee performance and engagement, as well as organizational and business outcomes. An ongoing commitment to the right training for your organization ensures a strategic approach to the human resources function, specifically selection, succession planning and performance management.

Employees have an opportunity to improve and excel in their current positions, as well as prepare for increased responsibilities, job changes and advancement.

Managers can more effectively support the career development of their employees in a manner that balances organizational and individual priorities and needs.

Organizations benefit from improved employee engagement, satisfaction and retention – all of which lead to customer engagement and bottom line results.

Purpose Journey can help you:

  • Identify the most critical training and development needs based upon organizational culture and business goals.
  • Develop a training and development strategy that drives individual, team and organizational success.
  • Facilitate ongoing or as-needed training to address specific issues and needs.

Training and Workshop Approach

We believe training should have ROI – not just a return on investment, but a return of impact.

Workshops or Dialogues. Some of our trainings are in a workshop format, some are facilitated as team dialogues – which is especially effective for smaller teams that want immediate and specific applications.

Our workshops are customized – While we have many ready-to-go workshops and trainings covering a wide variety of topics, we always customize the context of the training for each client.  The “why” we are here needs to be clear, as does the expected outcomes and applications. We also can create completely customized trainings for your team.

Our workshops are relevant – we work with you to pinpoint the training topics that will most effectively address your challenges, needs and goals. We often share training topics that our clients hadn’t thought of until we uncover a root cause, learning need or solution through our consultative process.

Our workshops are interactive – so expect to talk and share. Much of the learning comes from individual insights and group experience that our facilitators draw out and expertly integrate into a rich and relevant learning experience.

Our workshops are meaningful – we always address the purpose and benefits of the content on an individual, team and organizational level. We also include self-reflection opportunities that help each individual personally apply the learnings.

Our workshops are practical – you won’t leave one of our workshops without having some self-identified action items and an invitation for you to ask the person sitting next to you to hold you accountable for doing something after you leave the workshop!

Training Topics

Some of our most popular trainings include:

Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness: Creating a High-performing Team You Want to be Part Of

Team Effectiveness Dialogue Sessions: Customized drill-down trainings on Trust, Accountability, Commitment, Communication and other topics

Personal Communication and Resilience Skills

Communicating for Understanding and Success

Managing Difficult People and Situations with Confidence

Staying Grounded during Change and Uncertainty

Sales and Customer Service

Sales Training for the Rest of Us: Empowering Every Employee to Build Revenue and Reputation

Using Emotional Intelligence to Authentically Win the Prospect and Keep the Customer

Emotional Intelligence – Leaders and Employees

Emotional Intelligence

  • Unlocking Your Personal Power in Work and Life – Personal EQ Skills
  • Building Strong Relationships and High-Performing Teams – Social EQ Skills


Accountability without the Struggle: Aligning Purpose, People and Process to Drive Performance

Cultivating a Results-driven Culture

Well-being, Personal Value Topics

Enhancing Meaning and Purpose in Work and Life

Creating a Powerful Vision and Roadmap for a Fulfilling Life

Identifying Personal Values and Leveraging Them for Success

Reframing Work-Life Balance for Genuine Happiness and Inner Peace

Cultivating a Habit of Courage

Resilience: Uncovering Your Inner Strength

Redefining Success from the Inside Out

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Client Testimonials

“Lisa Gruenloh has been amazing to work with. She has really helped inspire myself and my team by hosting training sessions in my office focusing on specific issues and challenges we may be facing. My team looks forward to our sessions and have grown personally as well as professionally as a result. I consider Lisa a true asset to my business and we have adopted her to be an invaluable part of our team.”
Michelle Reed-SpitzerCEO/OwnerMaidPro of Southwest Florida

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