Team Effectiveness

If people are an organization’s most valuable asset, every leader must ask, “What am I doing to cultivate the success of my team members?” Sustainable organizational success is built on team success and personal success.

Our approach to team effectiveness includes assessments, training, coaching and process consulting to help improve both individual and team performance. We do this by helping our clients build trust, foster effective communication and collaboration, ensure accountability, and, ultimately, drive outcomes.

Our approach also addresses team effectiveness from four dimensions: personal, interpersonal, group and organizational. That’s because teams are dynamic parts of a dynamic organization and team members are dynamic individuals interacting in those teams and organizations. You simply can’t build real and sustainable team effectiveness at that one level. Let us explain…

Personal Competencies.  Our programs help individuals develop self-awareness of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors and take responsibility and care for their performance and relationship with others. We help your team members develop productive work habits (and eliminate unproductive ones) and accountability. Our emotional intelligence training and coaching is one of the cornerstones of our personal development work that helps people to identify both their strengths and blind spots and take meaningful action toward better performance, relationships and fulfillment.

Interpersonal Competencies. When team members communicate and collaborate effectively, organizational outcomes are accelerated. Did you know that managers spend up to 20-30% of their time managing unproductive conflict? What that tells us is that not only are employees often not managing conflict and relationships well, managers aren’t either. And why should that surprise us? How many of us had training on positive conflict resolution and relationship management skills growing up? Our programs help create a culture where team members have the skills to communicate and collaborate effectively, even when – especially when – there are differences of opinion, personality conflicts and other challenges.

Group (Team) Competencies.  Our team trainings teach essential skills for healthy collaboration and high performance. We not only help employees reach their full potential, we help teams to reduce common team derailers and foster collaboration and trust. We actually leverage team challenges as opportunities for everyone to create positive change and contributions. In addition to training and team problem-solving dialogues, we help facilitate retreats and meetings for management or functional teams.

Organizational Competencies. Individuals and teams cannot be effective unless the leadership has created the right environment for success. That means being committed to processes, policies and ways of doing business that support their people’s well-being and success.  When that commitment is authentic and consistent: employees are enthusiastic about your mission and strategy, feel supported and appreciated as they use their unique gifts to achieve organizational goals, and are encouraged to connect and collaborate with each other.

Leaders and managers also have a direct impact on team effectiveness by how well they model the values, manage conflict, and provide support and growth opportunities through training, coaching and feedback. We help you develop the right processes that seamlessly thread into your operations to support individual and team success. Have you noticed?  We’ve landed right back on organizational culture and leadership development!

Client Testimonials

“Lisa Gruenloh has been amazing to work with. She has really helped inspire myself and my team by hosting training sessions in my office focusing on specific issues and challenges we may be facing. My team looks forward to our sessions and have grown personally as well as professionally as a result. I consider Lisa a true asset to my business and we have adopted her to be an invaluable part of our team.”
Michelle Reed-SpitzerCEO/OwnerMaidPro of Southwest Florida

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