What other people have to say about Purpose Journey

Invaluable Skills

“As Chair of the “Step Smart Collier” injury prevention group, it is a pleasure to work with Lisa as her contributions to our development have been critically important not just from her leadership but also through her technical and organizational skills. Once applied, her skills have been invaluable as we brought ‘SSC’ to a higher level of excellence thanks to her hard work, dedication and passion to serve Collier County Seniors.

“Volunteerism is the lifeblood of so many worthy community organizations. Lisa’s ability to successfully grow Purpose Journey Consulting while maintaining her commitment to serve our community demonstrates a unique set of skills few people can match. She is always there for her clients, Step Smart Collier, and for other very worthy community organizations.”

  • Keith Dameron
    Chair, Step Smart Collier
    Vice President, Iberia Bank

Outstanding & Ongoing Results

“Contracting with Lisa Gruenloh changed how I viewed my career and its future.  She helped me identify and work through complicated issues to get clarity to help me make positive changes in my life.

“She was professional without telling me what to do, but helped guide and direct to allow me to get the answers I desperately needed.  Because of Lisa’s tutelage and assistance I was able to start my own firm.  Her greatest assist was to give me many tools that I can continue to use to help me achieve my goals.”

  • Vicki Tracy
    Vicki Tracy Consulting, LLC
    Formerly Executive Director, The Arlington of Naples

Preventing Negativity

“Lisa’s emotional intelligence training and personal coaching helped me to become more aware of the events that trigger my negative attitudes and undesirable habitual reactions. My biggest problem was my inability to recognize when I was acting instinctively without thinking things through. Lisa helped me learn to to catch myself right at that crucial moment before acting in a way that might not be in my best interest. It’s made a noticeable difference in my personal and business relationships and my stress level.”

  •  Personal and business coaching client

Exceptional Track Record

“Lisa has an aptitude for individual, organizational and team dynamics that lead to high performance. Her ability to immerse herself in complex situations and define measureable solutions makes her stand out from the masses of consultants. She has an exceptional track record for delivering results that matter and sustain. She’s my go-to person for team development issues.”

  • E. Douglas Grindstaff II
    CEO-in-Residence at Carnegie Innovations

Team Effectiveness and Training

“Lisa Gruenloh has been amazing to work with. She has really helped inspire myself and my team by hosting training sessions in my office focusing on specific issues and challenges we may be facing. My team looks forward to our sessions and have grown personally as well as professionally as a result. I consider Lisa a true asset to my business and we have adopted her to be an invaluable part of our team.”

  • Michelle Reed-Spitzer
    CEO/Owner, MaidPro of Southwest Florida

Immeasurable Passion

“Lisa is one of the most genuinely sincere people that I have ever met.  Her passion for what she does and her compassion for other people is immeasurable.  Simply being in her company, listening to her, talking with her, has a cathartic effect and will benefit anyone, no matter their situation.  She is frankly one of the kindest humans I know.”

  • Christine Citrano
    Florida State Governor
    Women’s Council of Realtors

Emotional Intelligence Rocks

“If I could go back 10 years and give my young adult self advice, it would be to discover emotional intelligence! Ever since Lisa introduced me to the concept and helped me grasp it, I have been able to understand myself and surroundings in ways I never could before. For the first time in 30 years, I feel that I now have the ability to take control of my life.”

    • Personal and business coaching client 

Engaging & Trusted

“Our team at the Family Wealth Planning Group of Raymond James had the pleasure of working with Lisa Gruenloh to develop the mission, vision and values of our organization. Over the past several years, we had created variations of these guiding principles, however, they often became stale and unproductive. Lisa took our team through a unique and manageable process that allowed us to explore what was important to us as individuals and how that translated into the future direction of our business. “Lisa’s professionalism and unique style engaged every member of our team, ensuring their voices were heard, while respecting the vision of the firm’s leadership. With Lisa’s help, we have woven these guiding principles into every interaction we have with our clients, staff, and the community. This strong foundation and commitment to achieving our long-term objectives has made a significant impact on the focus and growth of our business. Lisa has become a trusted decision making partner and voice of wisdom for us as we continue to take our business to the next level.”

  • Nadia Keric, CFP®
    The Family Wealth Planning Group
    Raymond James

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