Our Mission

The mission of Purpose Journey® is to make positive transformation an opportunity that is accessible to all individuals and organizations who desire it. We aspire to achieve this by offering affordable and inviting learning and coaching opportunities to individuals and consulting, training and coaching for organizations. We help organizations create and cultivate a values-based, results-driven culture that supports business outcomes and employees and customer satisfaction.


The Opportunity for Organizations and CEOs

A consciously created culture can ensure a clear, shared understanding of vision, mission, values, and goals. Most importantly a well-defined culture is built upon core values that are tied to specific behavioral expectations and designed to drive results. Everyone knows what’s expected, is measured and held accountable for it and recognized for their contributions. In this environment – when the desired behaviors are tied to specific business goals that individual employees can drive and then measured and rewarded – the possibilities for success are multiplied. Click on Organizational Culture to learn more.


The Opportunity for Employees

If people are an organization’s most valuable asset, every leader must ask, “What am I doing to cultivate the success of my team members?” Sustainable organizational success is built on team success and personal success. Are your employees enthusiastic about your mission and strategy? Do they feel supported and appreciated as they work to achieve organizational goals? Are they cultivating their unique gifts and skills? Do they have a sense of empowerment and balance in their work and personal life? Investing in thoughtful employee development, engagement and well-being programs can increase productivity, drive vital outcomes and positively and dramatically impact an organization’s bottom line. Visit Stakeholder Engagement to learn more.


The Opportunity for Individuals

Sometimes it feels like we have no control over our journey: what happens to us, how we feel about it and the impact experiences have on our lives. However, we can learn new ways of thinking and being that are more optimistic, healthier, more productive and on purpose. Living from an empowering, positive mindset can transform us and lead to more peace, joy and fulfillment than we have allowed ourselves to experience in the past. And that graceful place of living can impact the people, situations and world around us in a powerful way. Visit Coaching to learn more about our Six Cultivations™ to becoming your greatest self and create the success in your life you deserve.


Contributing Coaches

Several coaches contribute their unique expertise and passion to the Purpose Journey community, providing expert insights and resources throughout this site. Please view the links in the menu at the top of the page to learn more about them.

Client Testimonials

“Lisa has an aptitude for individual, organizational and team dynamics that lead to high performance. Her ability to immerse herself in complex situations and define measureable solutions makes her stand out from the masses of consultants. She has an exceptional track record for delivering results that matter and sustain. She’s my go-to person for team development issues.”
E. Douglas Grindstaff IICEO-in-ResidenceCarnegie Innovations

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