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 Now you can get affordable access to senior-level consultants, trainers and coaches

We create customized programs  to give organizations of all sizes access to monthly training and consulting opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. Our mission is to help you cultivate a high-performing culture and drive business results faster and more effectively.

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Reach Lisa Gruenloh directly at 239-207-4572 or lisa@lisagruenloh.com


Business Leaders: Don't ignore the number one success driver for your company!

iStock_000020671627 corporate culture.jpgIf you've been reading the top management research and literature during the last decade you already know: corporate culture can make or break your success. Learn how you can create, cultivate and capitalize on a results-driven culture easier than you might think! More

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Lisa Gruenloh, MA, ACC

  Founder and President

Purpose Journey‘s consulting, training and coaching programs help individuals, teams and organizations to break through barriers and leverage their unique purpose, passion, and strengths to achieve unprecedented success.

Lisa is known for her supportive, thought-provoking style that inspires others to create meaningful – often difficult – change. She helps teams and individuals overcome common fears and challenges that hinder effectiveness, while optimizing strengths to reach their full potential and fulfillment.

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